duminică, 25 septembrie 2011

come, now, heavy sleep

lost days of light, in a warm, calm place, inside of a world of whispers from the ancient poets. where are thou, my soul crasher? where are you wandering, in places where my steps never past across the dust? when will you come to burn down my world? you never ever crossed my roads, you`ll never ever be a part of my fugitive memory and how colud I, my ghost of past lives, become a piece of your memories? it`s against my nature, and I shall forget you before i`ll ever meet you, just to be asure that I can`t dissapear inside your flames. I am in flames, but not in your flames, and my world is a calm, warm place. let me become ashes against the grind, but golden ashes of liberty.
come ,now, heavy sleep, erase my everlasting heart, before she will destroy, everyrhing I touch. my sleep, my astral heavy sleep, surround me with your silk and let me die before I become her.

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